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Friday, November 26, 2010

143 SOD

 'HAPPY' diz is not always. Sumtimes de feeling of ' DISAPPOINTED ' is also approaching in ourself. and ya....it happened in my relationship too. nape erk bile kerap jumpe, the more sour in the relationship yg aku ase kan? I have sumetimes wondered wat was wrong myself. ap lah yg aku dah buat an..pai ye kadang2 marah kat aku...i really love him. and so is he. ha a'a, memey aku nan dia mcm belangkas ha peduli hape an. I never cared wat p'ple want 2 say to i am. ak tahu lah aku memey slalu berkepit je dgn ye an, no matter de day or nite... bes tu nak kepit nan sape ag an..korang ? ? hahahha..tak kan la an . . XD
Who says I'm a grumpy? I'm not so hookey.. i jez dont want 2 show de real i am.. dats allI dont want p'ple stepping on my head. ah sng kate PIJAK PALE ar an.. but it is expressed by her. He says that I'm standing on her head. I'm not going to...SUMPAH ni. I just want to show that im a TEGASand he cant play me lyke everyone else.hahah actually ak ni x suke type ape2 kat blogni, tp aku tgk sume update blog dorang an.., so I tried 2 explain hape yg terbuku kat HEART ni an . . , maybe I'll be LEGA. & now I want to be prepared. I want to watch a movie. haha dari smalam ye ajak aku..tp aku bese ar an..senyap je..hehheeh :P.. 
hahaha .. I'm DONE sayang jom all NGANGKUNG is waitin ..!

tErima kaSEh ye UOLs sebab suDi bacE Post kitE ni.. siLELah bagi cOmMEnt yeRp :)

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